Bad Author

So I guess I’d completely forgotten I had this blog until I got the email a few days ago that my site has renewed. Have to love auto-renew billing, right?

Since I was reminded, hey, you have a website devoted to your author’s journey, I figured I’d go ahead and update any readers I might still have on what’s up with my writing life.

I just completed revision number I’ve-lost-count and sent it back to my agent. Tweaks, mostly, thank god, but I admit the process of pursuing traditional publishing can certainly be long and drawn out! It’s been almost two years since I signed my contract with my agent. And I had already done one revision for her before she offered me representation. We did a second after the contract was signed, and then a third after getting some feedback from editors. Last month she sent me more feedback from a beta reader to do one more push before she sends the book out on round two to editors. I gave that feedback to my favorite beta reader/mentor, and revised again using her line-edits and editorial letter. And today, the latest revision went back to my agent.

I’m glad that my agent gets me and loves my book, even if it means tweaking and editing and revising until we make this book completely irresistible to an editor. Which I really hope happens on the next submission round. As much as I love my book, I know once I get the deal there will be another set of revisions, and I don’t want to have to do ANOTHER one BEFORE inking a publishing contract!!!

But if I have to, I will.

And in the meantime, November’s right around the corner which means it’s National Novel Writing Month. Think I’m going to try my hand with an adult romance for a change of pace.

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