What I Don’t Know

Yeah, there’s a LOT I don’t know about this crazy industry I’m trying to break into. I know it took many novels, taken through many drafts, critiques, and agent queries to finally find a match for the book of my heart – it was the fourth book I put through the submission process, but the only one to get an offer of representation.

And even then, it took a YEAR between signing with my agent and actually getting a polished up manuscript out to editors. That’s where I am right now. Last fall, my agent took my book out on first rounds. As is normal, a few editors passed right away. As of last update, she was still waiting on responses from the rest, and anticipated another round probably now.

I like that my agent doesn’t update me too often on what’s going on with the book, or I’d be more crazy than I already am. I want my baby to find a home. There was a Twitter thread last week talking about how long the process took for various writers. Some agents shared that it took literally YEARS and four to five rounds of submissions to get a deal for some writers.

So it’s all about patience, and working on the next book in the hopes that once book one sells, book two will be on the back burner and ready to go.

But what I really don’t know right now is what I want to be working on next. Sigh.

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