What to Write

Last year, I participated in StoryStorm. For those not in the know, it started off as a way to generate picture book ideas – the goal being to come up with at least one idea a day during the month of January. I tweaked it, since I don’t write picture books, and came up with more than 30 ideas for both YA and adult novels, which I wrote down in a 3 1/2″ by 51/2″ notebook that I keep in my purse. I still have it and a second one of the same size in which I jot down ideas as they come – and they have been coming lately.

So now my problem is not ideas – I have at least fifty potential story ideas, as well as several partially-written manuscripts I could go back and finish. So my problem now is deciding WHICH idea to work on. (Plus I have a completed novel with revision notes from my mentor/beta reader I could be working as well.) What do you do with a plethora of ideas and no earthly clue where to begin?

I made a goal for myself at the beginning of the year to develop a regular writing routine by April 1. I decided this year that quarterly goals were stronger for me than New Year’s Resolutions. Sadly, so far, I’m not on track to achieve any of my quarterly goals, but I still have five weeks to get something accomplished. I think between today and next week, the last day of February, I’m going to select a project and then spend March developing that writing routine I wanted to accomplish.

Will be nice to be able to say I achieved at least ONE of the goals I set for myself.

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